What should I wear?
You should wear suitable clothing and footwear for a walk in the country.  We hope that it will be dry but we cannot guarantee it!
What should I bring?
You should bring a basket or other rigid container for collecting.  Plastic bags are not appropriate as they can tear, squash your collected items together and make mushrooms sweat.

You may wish to bring a camera, mobile phone and notebook.  You could bring a compass and GPS if you wish.

What time do the forays start?

12.30pm unless otherwise stated.

Do you accept children on your courses?
No. For health and safety reasons we do not accept children under 14 years of age on our full day courses or our afternoon forays.  In addition, the content of the courses is not suitable for younger children.
Is there a difference between mushrooms and toadstools?
Biologically they are all the same.  In common usage mushrooms are edible and toadstools are not, but this is not a useful guide in picking mushrooms.  Some species can be delicious but their close relatives can be deadly.
Is it safe to handle poisonous mushrooms?
Yes, they are only dangerous if eaten.  It is still best to wash hands after handling them though.
Is it safe to handle poisonous plants?
In most cases yes, wash hands afterwards.  In a few cases skin irritation can occur; Rue is an example.  Nettles sting, Giant Hogweed can cause nasty blisters.
Are there precautions to take before foraging?
Let us know in advance if you have mobility problems or other physical problems.
Are there precautions to be taken after foraging?
We would always advise hands to be washed after foraging.  Fruit and plants should be washed, mushrooms wiped clean if necessary and checked for insect presence or other contamination before eating.  Always be sure of what you intend to eat.  The only rule is if you are not sure, don’t eat it.  If you haven’t tried a particular species before, it is always best to try a small amount first in case you have a sensitivity to it.
Do you have Insurance?
We have professional indemnity insurance covering accidents and similar mishaps.
Do you have any food allergies?
Please let us know in advance so that we can plan a menu for you.
I'm vegetarian
Please let us know what kind of vegetarian you are, dairy or non dairy, piscatarian or not.  If vegan let us know and whether you eat honey.