The 2022 season

We are really looking forward to the 2022 season. The Covid rules in 2020 almost completely stopped our foraging operations by limiting our ability to run courses of more than six people. As two of these were Clifford and I that meant we could only take four people out at a time. As a result, we only took a total of eight people out on afternoon sessions in the whole season.

In total contrast, 2021 allowed us to get back to near normal operations and we experienced a great increase in interest in our courses, so much so that we had to add an additional one-day course to meet the demand. It really does seem true that the lockdowns and furlough experience has increased people’s interest in nature and therefore in foraging. Assuming that this interest will be sustained, we will be running four one-day courses in October/November 2022.

We cannot predict the weather with any accuracy in advance for any particular day or week but it is clear that spring is coming earlier and that autumn is extending, due to climate change. Unfortunately, at the same time the day-to-day weather is becoming more volatile and therefore less predictable. We have responded by bringing our courses forward by a couple of weeks in the hope that it will be milder then. We must hope that we are lucky on our course days.

Peter Sibley