The mushroom season has really begun!

The wet weather of last few weeks has brought the mushrooms up that were just waiting for the right conditions.  Several species can be found now including Boletus edulis, better known as the Penny Bun, Cep or Porcino, and often called the king of mushrooms for its exceptional flavour.  Field and Horse Mushrooms, Agaricus campestris, Agaricus arvensis, are coming up in meadows as are their many relatives, most of which are edible, but be careful not to confuse them with the similar Yellow Stainer, Agaricus xanthoderma, which would make you ill.  Remember, the Yellow Stainer bruises bright yellow, the others bruise red brown.

Fruits are ripening now too, if they haven’t already.  There seems to be a very good crop of rose hips this year, ideal for making rose hip syrup.  Blackberries have been early this year as well as Damsons and Cherry Plums.  Pick them now while they last.

Our afternoon foray sessions start on Saturday 26th September in Essex, those in Surrey start on Saturday 11th October.

Our one-day courses start in Surrey on the 3rd of October, the Essex courses start on the 7th of November.