Wild Harvest Changes Name To Forest Foragers

Those of you who know Clifford and Peter as ‘Wild Harvest’ may wonder why they have now taken the name ‘Forest Foragers’.  The reason for the change is to avoid confusion with another company called Wild Harvest, based in Covent Garden, which supplies foods to top rated restaurants.  The other Wild Harvest, or rather the lawyers acting for their American parent company, were unhappy at the duplication of names and as a result a name change was agreed.

Seasonal Foods

Summer 2016

June was one of the wettest on record. July was cooler than average but quite dry. August is hotter so far but dry. Plants have responded by growing fast but fruit has not matured as quickly as might have been expected. There was an early flush of edible mushrooms in June, Parasols in particular, but not much thereafter. Should the weather turn wet, look out for Boletus edulis, (Ceps or porcini). There is every chance of them appearing soon.

Our Foraging Courses begin soon. The first are two Taster Days on Saturday the 27th of August and Sunday the 28th, these will be in Surrey and are intended to be an introduction to foraging for beginners. We will hold two more Taster sessions later on in Essex on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of October. The cost is £25 per person for each session.

Foraging 2016


Dates & Venues

Wild Harvest Day Course New Forest

Come join us on one of our courses in the wonderful English countryside for a day of foraging, identifying, cooking and fun...